Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The New Nanny

The new nanny arrived yesterday and boy don't you just dislike her,
I felt a sharp pain when i had to leave you in her care today as i left for work
Baby you cried, may be it was anxiety, may you are unwell, i don't know but am sad
You remind me you are the most important treasure that i got
I work cos of you, i want to live the next day so i can see you grow
I want to see your innocent smile every morning
I want you to accompany me for shopping every other day
I need your warm hug all day, especially when am home
I called home countless times just to check on you
When Zawadi came from school, you calmed down
You got a great connection with her,
You are a great team, awesome children,
God bless you Farhani,

Always Mum...with love

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