Saturday, 18 May 2013

My son's first birthday, Happy Birthday

You are one year plus a few days
It has been an amazing journey
I have been looking forward to this day,
when we will all hold the knife and cut the cake
You have grown to be a handsome little boy
whose independence is slowly creeeping in
walking to own destiny
you are still making those tiny steps
and love the way you hold my hand for support
it's an assures you of my commitment to be with you
till you get to your destined direction
Baby mummy's hand will forever be there for you
whenever you need it, reach out to it
Son, you are the best son that we could ever ask for
we are so thankful that you came to our lives
I pray that our good LORD will forever be with you
may HE grant you the desires of your heart
may you have a life filled with fun and love
May you live to be admired by many
for the blessings HE will have bestowed on you
Happy birthday handsome.

With Love ,mom. 18/05/2013

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