Friday, 10 May 2013

My little Prince

You will be one year in five days, just the other day i held you so tight in my arms the very first day, handsome i cried when i first saw you.

You were so delicate, so cute, and in dire need of mummy, i couldn't wait to take you home, in fact i requested the doctor to just discharge me the same day and he did.

Your sister was so happy to see you after a long wait, she always asked when you will join us at the dinning table, that very day, i told her "i will come with him in my arms tonight". She didn't sleep that night, till i assured her you are safe.

That is your sister for you, always protective. Whenever you cry, everyone must stop what they are doing to attend to you,. Your Aunt Zipporah nick names you 'little spy' cos i told her, my mind feels settled as long as you are home with Farhani. As young as she is , she's already are a nurturer.

Baby, you can stand on your own, a milestone achieved kudos, you are now making your first steps to freedom, we will not rush you, we enjoy carrying you around as we help you practice the few steps.

you now have four teeth and a fifth one is appearing, you got a gap like your sister, and you look awesome in it. Mum had a gap while young but as i grew older it filled up, yours may too or remain intact like your untie's.

You are a little miracle, where i find unconditional love and happiness. your innocent cute smile warms my soul. I really look forward to your first birth day cake.

I do wish you a long life full of GOD's blessings and love. You will achieve greatness, the whole world will look to you for advise cos the LORD will enrich you with so much wisdom.

10/05/2013..With Love, mum.