Thursday, 4 July 2013

One day at a time

Handsome, you are achieving this milestones so well that am kinda afraid you will gain your Independence very fast.

Mommy still loves the fact that you still reach out to her for almost everything, isn't that i don't love seeing you run around but i love doing it, it reminds me of how responsible and important i mean to you at this age.

For the last one year mommy has always found you awake waiting for her, but this week i find you asleep. Meaning you trust i will be home no matter what.

You are still my lovely boy, looking forward to nailing the next milestone.

Always mommy..with love

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Tummy Attack

Baby you were unwell for the last two days,
your tummy hurts, you were in pain little one
You were grumpy, we were worried something was wrong
until i realized your bowel movements were far spaced than normal
Mummy always have something handy for my children
gave you a few drops of my magic medicine and by evening you were doing great
and of course a prayer went all the way
I thank the good LORD for his ever present help whenecer we need HIM.
bless youi child.

Always mum..with Love

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The New Nanny

The new nanny arrived yesterday and boy don't you just dislike her,
I felt a sharp pain when i had to leave you in her care today as i left for work
Baby you cried, may be it was anxiety, may you are unwell, i don't know but am sad
You remind me you are the most important treasure that i got
I work cos of you, i want to live the next day so i can see you grow
I want to see your innocent smile every morning
I want you to accompany me for shopping every other day
I need your warm hug all day, especially when am home
I called home countless times just to check on you
When Zawadi came from school, you calmed down
You got a great connection with her,
You are a great team, awesome children,
God bless you Farhani,

Always Mum...with love

Monday, 20 May 2013

Happy Happy Birthday Son

We made it happen, yesterday(19.05.2013), we held your first birthday
It was lovely to see you bully us with the knife
that you gonna do it yourself!
Of course we let you have it, and we got another one and helped
you do the cutting of the cake,
and we captured all that in a camera, you will show that to your gran dies
We all were humbled,
your sister sang for you the birthday choral together with other invited guests.
I do wish you a life time of love and greatness
Your first birthday will come along with many firsts
I wish you the very best as you hit every milestone
May our good LORD be with you,
may you always find comfort in HIS bossom

Always Mama..with Love

Saturday, 18 May 2013

My son's first birthday, Happy Birthday

You are one year plus a few days
It has been an amazing journey
I have been looking forward to this day,
when we will all hold the knife and cut the cake
You have grown to be a handsome little boy
whose independence is slowly creeeping in
walking to own destiny
you are still making those tiny steps
and love the way you hold my hand for support
it's an assures you of my commitment to be with you
till you get to your destined direction
Baby mummy's hand will forever be there for you
whenever you need it, reach out to it
Son, you are the best son that we could ever ask for
we are so thankful that you came to our lives
I pray that our good LORD will forever be with you
may HE grant you the desires of your heart
may you have a life filled with fun and love
May you live to be admired by many
for the blessings HE will have bestowed on you
Happy birthday handsome.

With Love ,mom. 18/05/2013

Friday, 10 May 2013

My little Prince

You will be one year in five days, just the other day i held you so tight in my arms the very first day, handsome i cried when i first saw you.

You were so delicate, so cute, and in dire need of mummy, i couldn't wait to take you home, in fact i requested the doctor to just discharge me the same day and he did.

Your sister was so happy to see you after a long wait, she always asked when you will join us at the dinning table, that very day, i told her "i will come with him in my arms tonight". She didn't sleep that night, till i assured her you are safe.

That is your sister for you, always protective. Whenever you cry, everyone must stop what they are doing to attend to you,. Your Aunt Zipporah nick names you 'little spy' cos i told her, my mind feels settled as long as you are home with Farhani. As young as she is , she's already are a nurturer.

Baby, you can stand on your own, a milestone achieved kudos, you are now making your first steps to freedom, we will not rush you, we enjoy carrying you around as we help you practice the few steps.

you now have four teeth and a fifth one is appearing, you got a gap like your sister, and you look awesome in it. Mum had a gap while young but as i grew older it filled up, yours may too or remain intact like your untie's.

You are a little miracle, where i find unconditional love and happiness. your innocent cute smile warms my soul. I really look forward to your first birth day cake.

I do wish you a long life full of GOD's blessings and love. You will achieve greatness, the whole world will look to you for advise cos the LORD will enrich you with so much wisdom.

10/05/2013..With Love, mum.